Monday, July 10, 2017

Stirrup Tank Adjacent Petroglyphs JTNP

Although this isn't a large site, it is noteworthy because of the type of petroglyphs that are there. Plus, it is in an absolutely gorgeous and rugged area. 

From here it looks like a nice and easy hike across this valley. That thought ends in about a hundred yards...

...when you run into this! Climbing down into, and then up out of this is actually the easiest way to go. During major storms, water rushes down these little gullies at amazing speed. Not a place you want to be stuck in.

 Plenty of gorgeous scenery

 This rock is our destination

Although there aren't very many of them remaining, the predominant petroglyphs at this site are the "barbell" looking symbols.  

There are many opinions relating to what exactly the "barbell" symbols represent. My granny told me that it represents a meeting between two people, or two groups of people. If there is a third circle in the middle, it represents a third party acting as an intermediary, or mediator. I believe her...

 It's always nice when mother nature graces us with a few clouds for our photos.